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Photo set – Orange Hiro Gato and Heels – 33 Photos

Hiro Gato has done it again. This time with a ‘Sirius B’ Thong Swimsuit Flaming Hot Orange. It’s also a great photo set for pantyhose lovers. The swimsuit is so tiny that I can’t help but show some of my shiny pantyhose underneath. You may even like the strappy black heels.

Thong Swimsuit in Flaming Hot Orange of our ‘SIRIUS B’ Series with White decorative stitching.

  • This Swimsuit is made from Supershiny Satin Lycra. The fabric consists of 80% Polyester amd 20% Spandex.
  • The fabric is stretchable in 4 ways and we use wooly nylon thread for excellent stretch.
  • The swimsuit has a raceback cut and thong back.

Our new Satin Lycra fabric provides an extravagant shiny look. Due to its high stretch it provides a comfortable and skintight fit. Our Swimsuits have inner lining made of mesh fabric in the crotch area. Please be aware that this is a swimsuit costume and not a swimsuit for professionals. It can be worn for swimming, however it’s not a professional racing swimsuit.

33 stunning photos can be found here.