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Photo set – New Red Pengu and Silver Boots – 47 Photos

Wow! Brand new Pengu slinky one-piece swimsuit in shiny spandex isn’t enough shiny for you? Add my thigh-high silver boots and pantyhose and that is enough shiny for anyone!

Vesta U-Back, Waterspeed ShinyRED

pengu® Vesta with fashionable round back neckline (U-back), high leg cut and made of the material Waterspeed ShinyRED. The Vesta is lined at the front and back.

Pengu® Waterspeed is a subtly lightweight fabric in a fashionable metallic shiny look. The fabric feels soft and is comfortable to wear. Ideal for the recreational swimmer, who also wants to show modern on the edge of the pool.
76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane

47 amazing photos are yours to keep.