Sissy – Slave – Pup Contracts (over 130 detailed clauses)




I’m making my updated personal contract template available to all those seeking a detailed contract between Mistress and sub. You will receive 8 documents – contracts for sissies, slaves and pups and a simplified puppy list of rules in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

They are perfect for long-distance or domestic situations. You will receive both PDF and Microsoft Word versions so you can customise this for your purposes (and I’d love to hear about your modifications). It’s very easy to adapt to Mistress / Master / Slave / Sissy / Pup situations.

This version represents years of femdom sissy training and reflects experience – so you can be sure to gain a lot. Whether you want a quick start to your own relationship contract or if you simply want a bit of fun reading what my sissies slaves and pups are forced to do – this is a great download for you.

You will receive up to 13 pages of contract – that’s right! 13. There are over 130 detailed clauses describing the relationship covering topics such as:

  • Mistress’s Authority
  • Mistress’s Rights
  • Sissy’s Rights (this is a very short section)
  • Ownership of sissy for the pleasure of Mistress
  • Exclusivity of ownership
  • sissy’s chastity
  • Cyber-obligations
  • Punishments
  • Daily routine

and the list goes on. Similar sections are in the slave version. In the pup version there is a section on Commands and Responses covering verbal, hand and shock collar signals.

You may not be surprised to hear that most of the obligations rest on the sub. But that is to be expected.

Please note: This contract remains Copyright Mistress Lena. It can be used and modified for your personal relationships but it is a breach of Copyright for it to be used in a fee paying relationship or shared further. (Contact me if you want to use it in this way.)