Mistress Lena’s Bluetooth Lock with Keyholding


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I’ve been working on this exciting lock for over a year and now it can be yours. You will receive a beautiful solid lock that is controlled by your smart phone … and me! Once you set up the lock using bluetooth to talk with your phone or tablet (Apple or Android) you will hand over control of the lock to me. From that moment I control your access to whatever you want to be denied. We will negotiate an initial key holding period and I will release you in accordance with our agreement. Early release is possible for a $20 early release fee otherwise the lock is inescapable.

This program was initially intended for chastity keyholding but the lock can be used to secure all manner of things: chains, lock boxes containing chocolate snacks, TV remotes, alcohol, male underwear …

Let me provide your willpower!

Do you own an empty cage enough to keep you in? Maybe a garden shed? Or a spare and isolated room at home?

If you feel the need of being grounded or confined by a strict Mistress any room that can be secured with a padlock will work.

Mistress Lena’s phone will remotely control the Bluetooth padlock so it can opened at and only at, the arranged time.

So if being grounded and confined for real fulfills your kinky fantasies, you can now ask Mistress Lena for it, no matter where you are located.

Do it now, you know you deserve it!

(There is a tamper proof emergency release mechanism should you need it, but its use will be obvious and punishment will be swift.)

You receive:

  • One bluetooth controlled lock with codes necessary to hand over control to me. Looooong-life batteries are included. All very nicely packaged.
  • Detailed instructions for the correct use of the lock using a smartphone app available for Android and Apple iPhone / iPad.
  • One negotiation session to ensure we agree on the terms of the lock release.
  • One unlock in accordance with our agreement.
  • I will check in with you from time to time to see how you are going.
  • Price includes postage.
  • I have several models of locks. The exact one you receive will depend upon stock availability – but they all provide for security, my world-famous keyholding and emergency release mechanism for safety.

This is an early adopter program. The lock will be shipped to you directly from the factory and may take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. (Of course I need your shipping address to send you the lock but I don’t keep customer records for privacy reasons.)

Once you have the lock, and after your initial period, additional locks / unlocks are just $29 per pair. This charge does not apply to those on my training programs.

Handing back full control to you (for example handing the lock over to another keyholder) is $29.

This is a beautiful steel lock, well made and stylish – but most of all secure. You will love the engineering as I love the security.

The lock can be used to secure all manner of things: chains, lock boxes containing chocolate snacks, TV remotes, alcohol, male underwear, cages … This list of things you need to go without is endless.

Let me provide your willpower!