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This is the ultimate version of my highly successful chastity padlock series. You will receive a beautiful solid lock that is controlled by your smart phone and/or the lock administrator (keyholder) of your choice! Once you set up the lock using bluetooth to talk with your phone or tablet (Apple IOS or Android) you will hand over control of the lock to your lock administrator / keyholder. From that moment your ability to unlock the lock is controlled by your keyholder using a simple smartphone app.

The unique feature with this lock is it comes complete with its own internet gateway so the keyholder can directly open the lock no matter where they are in the world. (With my other locks the sub must request an unlock using their mobile phone app and it is only approved if the keyholder has granted access. This lock is a complete hands-off experience meaning the sub doesn’t need access to their mobile phone in order for the lock to open. The lock talks directly with the internet gateway (provided) which communicates by your internet access point to your keyholder.)

This lock includes a different control app that offers more features for your keyholder to provide for your safety and, of course, security. The lock is ruggedised with rubber protective cover.

You receive:

  • One bluetooth controlled lock with instructions necessary to hand over control to your keyholder. USB rechargeable batteries are included. All very nicely packaged.
  • One internet gateway for the keyholder to communicate directly with the lock without any sub intervention.
  • Detailed instructions (in English) specifically written for a keyholder scenario using a smartphone app available for Apple or Android.
  • Price includes postage anywhere in the world.

The lock will be shipped to you directly from the factory and may take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. (Of course I need your shipping address to send you the lock but I don’t keep customer records for privacy reasons. Remember to include your postcode and phone number.)

This is a beautiful steel lock, well made and stylish – but most of all secure. You will love the engineering as I love the security. The lock can be used for any number of purposes. You can use it like a normal lock to lock most items or using a simple clear plastic hose you can lock away keys to anything. Your administrator can remotely control your access to a room, a lock box, chains or even a chastity cage. It can be used to secure anything a normal padlock can secure – but without the key.

The lock battery is rechargeable using the USB cable (provided). The lock does not spring open when the battery runs flat. (good try!)

There is a fingerprint override for emergency release. All lock functions work long-distance so your keyholder can be anywhere on the planet, however setting up the emergency fingerprint requires the keyholder and the lock to be within bluetooth distance.

This advanced lock even allows your remote keyholder to fully open the lock. Perfect for long-distance bondage!

The lock is suitable for ALL chastity devices. Simply secure the keys inside a plastic tube (available in any hardware store) using my lock. (See photos.) In this way the keys are completely secure but can be accessed in an emergency – even without the use of the fingerprint.

This package is just for the lock for you and your administrator/keyholder to use as you wish. It does NOT include my keyholding services. If you want my keyholding services look at this.

The lock does not ship with the clear plastic tube as shown in some photos. These are readily available in most hardware stores.

The lock and the gateway come from two different suppliers so you will receive two discretely wrapped packages. You will also receive an email from me with comprehensive instructions intended for key holder scenarios and tracking information. I also provide full online support to ensure you and securely locked as quickly as possible.

This is a serious lock. Use responsibly and always consider a backup. Be safe, sane and consensual. Mistress Lena will not be responsible for any misuse of the lock.

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