Extra-Large Girth Stainless Steel Chastity Cage for Large Men


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Have you been buying chastity devices from China and find them to be too small around your penis? Have trouble peeing? This is a major problem as a too-narrow tube can lead to urinary tract infections and worse … not being able to wear your cage long-term. Most Chinese sourced chastity cages have a tube diameter of 33 mm (1 19/64 inches) – this simply isn’t large enough for many western men and is the leading source of men giving up finding the right chastity device.

Avoid all these problems by buying a Mistress Lena’s Extra-Large Girth Stainless Steel Chastity Cage for Large Men with a tube diameter of a very large 43mm (1 11/16 inches) and length of 10cm (4 inches). This is the largest girth chastity device on the market without going to expensive custom made devices. Made from stainless steel it’s easy to keep clean and is secure and strong. Choose from the ball trap ring size that suits you (see my measuring guide below). The ball trap ring is hinged making it easy for you (or your keyholder) to put on. The kit includes the penis tube, the ball trap ring size of your choice and a padlock with keys (for your keyholder).

The device is sent in plain packaging and postage to anywhere on the globe is included in the price.

Size guide:

Take several measurements using a string or a tape measure. Measure around your penis near the base when flaccid. Do this several times throughout the day. Divide by 3.14 to give you the diameter. If the answer is between 33 and 47mm this device is perfect for you. If it’s less than 33mm you can buy a cheap Chinese cage. If it is over 47mm consider a custom made device.

Do the same but this time wrap the string or tape measure around everything (scrotum and penis). You want it tight enough to be snug, but not so tight that everything goes blue. Do this several times, and divide by 3.14. This will give you the correct ring size to choose. If your answer is much above 54mm you will need to consider a custom device.

Handy tip:

For a few customers, the join between the ball trap ring and the penis tube can sometimes move and may cause pinching. If this is uncomfortable to you place an expandable foam ear plug (or similar) in the join and you will be much more comfortable.

Additional information

Ring Size

38mm (1 1/2 inches), 40mm (1 37/64 inches), 42mm (1 21/32 inches), 45mm (1 49/64 inches), 50mm (2 inches)

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