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Long Distance Chastity Made Real


I’m Mistress Lena the leading expert in long-distance chastity. What does that mean? I’ve invested years in finding, testing and managing padlocks that can be used in a keyholder scenario without the keyholder and slave being physically in the same location. My Swedish sense of discipline and structure is coupled with a healthy enjoyment of tease and denial to ensure slaves feel every moment of their time in chastity. I’m very understanding of real-life commitments  but you need to understand that keyholding is a role I take very seriously. Keyholding and “key using” are two very different things in my mind.

I also take great pleasure in making my locks available for those of you with your own keyholder. I provide full instructions so you can use one of my locks ONLY when your keyholder allows it. Various locks have different apps with different fun features that allow for as many games and as much control as your keyholder’s imagination allows.

I’ve also found that the app control from your keyholder’s smart phone provides peace of mind so those wife-keyholders who may be a little concerned about your chastity find this a more acceptable way to dip their toes in the water and lock you up – without sacrificing security at all!

Are you ready to learn more? I currently have three different locks available and I’m adding more as they come to market and meet my strict security and quality requirements. I deal directly with the factories in China to ensure the best available products and very reasonable prices. I’ll also describe why my locks are far superior to the all-in-one Cellmate device.

All my locks have several things in common:

  • They are controlled by smart phone apps. The keyholder and slave install an app on their Android or Apple smart phone. The keyholder’s app controls the permission for the slave to unlock (or not unlock). It also provides usage logs so the keyholder can provide unlock access in advance of the permitted unlock time and this is enforced by the keyholder checking the logs at any time. The slave’s smart phone will only open the lock when unlock permission is provided by the keyholder and when that permission is provided it communicates with the lock using Bluetooth. The apps are easy to use and very discrete.
  • They are secure. Each lock is steel construction and cannot be prised open (such as the Cellmate). I’ve seen some very flimsy construction with some locks but not these. Rest assured that once locked your chastity is safe with me!
  • They are safe. The all-in-one Cellmate chastity cage and community is often hacked and slaves are exposed to blackmail (not the fantasy type!) Also, if something goes wrong with the Cellmate device or app you are totally stuck except for two well documented escape approaches that are easy and don’t provide an audit trail. My locks can be used directly on your cage, however I recommend the use of a clear plastic tube to secure the keys with the lock. In this way water ingress is not an issue and in the worst case of a lock, app or internet connectivity failure you can cut the tube for emergency release. Of course your keyholder will see this instantly they inspect the tube for tampering! Some of my slaves use the lock directly on their cage – one even uses the largest and heaviest lock through their PA piercing.
  • They are compatible with all chastity devices. My recommended use of keys inside the clear plastic tube also means my lock is compatible with every key based cage on the market.
  • They are flexible. Not only can my locks be used for chastity devices they can be used to lock anything your keyholder wants control over. My padlocks have all been used to lock chains, lock boxes and more. If your keyholder decides to deny you access to food treats, the TV remote or anything at all – these can all be achieved using my locks.

With all these great features in common, each lock is slightly different.

  • My first lock is a beautiful modern style, it is splash proof and contains an inbuilt battery that is not rechargeable. However that battery lasts for years. I’ve had one slave using this lock for over two years, with regularly (monthly) unlocks and the battery is still at 97%. Read more, see photos and order the lock here.
  • My PIN PAD lock is heavier and larger than the others. This is exciting for those slaves who want a permanent reminder of their security. The lock is IP65 waterproof and includes a PIN PAD to allow for emergency release directly on the lock. (This assumes the keyholder has set up this function – and the keyholder must be physically present with the lock to configure this feature!) The battery is rechargeable and has a long life. Read more, see photos and order the lock here.
  • My newest lock includes fingerprint biometrics. If you want to keep up with the latest trends this might be the lock for you. It is smaller and lighter than the other locks but no less secure. In addition to the normal app functions the fingerprint scanner can be used to allow for emergency unlock only using the registered fingerprint. But be careful because any use of this function shows up in the keyholder’s usage report. Unauthorised use will surely result in punishment. Read more, see photos and order the lock here.

All of these locks can be used by your keyholder, or you can couple them with my unique brand of keyholding. Read more, see photos and order the lock here.

Do you or your keyholder still have questions about long-distance chastity? Find me on Twitter (@MistressLena2) or Instagram (lenaloveslatex) or tumblr (latexmistresslena) and drop me a line. Otherwise – I always enjoy a happy ending – as long as it’s not yours!

Mistress Lena xxx